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We use state of the art modern technology to drive our passion for outstanding customer service which includes the production of digital newspapers.

We offer an online page turning application that allows internet users to view their favourite printed publications via a web browser. Digital newspapers also give you the option for better reporting, paid for subscriptions and video and URL linking.

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The system is designed to give the user an enjoyable online reading experience with the added effect of actually turning pages just like the printed version. The need for the user to purchase additional software is not required, digital editions can be viewed in any browser on PC, Mac or mobile device.

For more information please call 01223 656500 or email info@iliffeprint.co.uk

Below is a list of some the services we provide:

  • Full-colour tabloid newspaper printing from 4 up to 192 pages.
  • On-line magazine and leaflet insertion.
  • Quarterfold products with glossy covers printed in house.
  • In-house mailing
  • E-edition hosting for PC, ISO and ISO apps - click here to read one of our E-editions
  • Online and offline stitching (stapling) available

  • Insertion of leaflets and magazines
  • Online and offline trimming
  • Specialists in local government and council newspapers
  • Student and University newspapers (click to view)
  • Printing of international newspapers for day A publication
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Iliffe Print is the home of quality newspaper printing where excellence is the standard.
Iliffe Print are based in Milton, Cambridge and all of our printing work is carried out in house.
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